Northern Streams 2021

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Artists – 2019

Invited guests are:


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KATA – Faroe Islands (Denmark)

Kata_by_Finnur Justinussen

Photo of Kata is by Finnur Justinussen

Kata was originally founded in 2006 by Faroese singers Anna Katrina Petersen and Anna Maria Olsen and joined by Unn Paturson and Eyð Berghamar Jacobsen, inspired by Bulgarian vocal groups and choirs, especially choir Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares, and sung together for four years.

In 2013 the group was re-founded and now consists of five members: Greta Bech, Guðrið Hansdóttir, Arnfríð Lutzen, Eyð Berghamar Jacobsen and Unn Paturson. Rógvi á Rógvu (percussion) and Lasse Thorning Jæger (electronics) occasionally join the group for concerts.

Lately they have been working with Faroese songs, found in the books of musicologist Marianne Clausen (1947-2014). Clausens books contain the notations of old Faroese tunes and variations of tunes, that have been found on recordings dating back to 1902 (done by Hjalmar Thurén) and to this day. The tunes are kvæði, vísur, skjaldur and folksongs, that have been in the Faroese culture for centuries and have evolved through the times and from one village to another, and even have changed between singers.

The lyrics feature mythical heroes and folk figures, trolls, witches, giants, slayers and, always in the middle, vulnerable women and cautionary tales of injurious traditions and social mores, as codified in folk stories handed down for generations. Some of the stories are kind of fairy-tales, or from fictitious places, some are more like nonsense-e nursery rhymes, and some of are more dramatic epic tales.

The songs that are presented on their CD Tívils døtur are mostly tunes that have been forgotten in the Faroe Islands, mostly tunes that no one uses anymore.  The arrangements of most the songs have been made by Unn Paturson, but Eg átti mær eina húgvu and Grímur á Miðalnesi are made by Greta Bech. The CD was recorded in the oldest church still in use in the Faroe Islands (from approximately 1250), Ólavskirkjan, located in Kirkjubø, as it was felt it would fit well into the mood of their music.

Kata perform at various events from local cultural days at museums to the Faroe Music Awards in 2017. At Northern Streams we are looking forward to hearing their ethereal tones live as well as examples of the Faroese song dance tradition.

Live at the Faroe Music Awards 2017

Video for ‘Risin og moyggin’ is


Caolmhar (Sweden)Caolmhar from Sweden Northern Streams 2019

Caolmhar is a Swedish quartet that interprets and performs traditional Scottish and Nordic music. The group performs the music with a mix of tradition, effects and improvisation to create a unique sound.

Their name comes from an appearance in a 19th century poem, which seems to be a misprint of ‘ceolmhar’ which means ‘musical’ rather than the possible other option of meaning ‘cheesy’!

The band members are:

Hannah Sundkvist (fiddle, mandolin and voice) is the leader of the folk-band “V-dala Spelmanslag” who performed at the Northern Streams Festival in 2018. It is the world’s oldest student folk music orchestra founded in 1961.

Kristian Hodén (accordion) – another member of “V-dala Spelmanslag” and has spent quite a bit of time in Scotland as a student learning Scottish music from the source.

Mattias Walla (viola and fiddle) – also a member of “V-dala Spelmanslag”

Mattias Hammarsten (guitar)

At Northern Streams we are looking forward to hearing their mix of repertoire from around the North Sea as well as being able to teach Swedish dances, songs and tunes.

Links to examples of Caolmhar: (facebook-page) (live from this week concerts) (Soundcloud)



Uppsala Music Lovers: (review)


Jocelyn Pettit, Rav Sira & Ellen Gira (Scotland/Norway)Photo - Jocelyn Pettit, Rav Sira &amp; Ellen Gira

This trio are all currently based in Glasgow, pursuing advanced studies at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. The three musicians are excited to fuse their influences to create a dynamic and textured sound. Together they present a lively and soulful performance of music, song, and stepdance from Canada, the USA, Scotland, Ireland, France, and Scandinavia.

For the Northern Streams Festival they will be concentrating on presenting their Scottish and Scandinavian repertoire and will be the first time they headline an event as this trio.

From the West Coast of Canada, Jocelyn Pettit is an award-winning fiddle player, stepdancer, singer, and composer. With grace and passion, she has performed across Canada, and toured in the USA, the UK, and Europe. She has been featured on Canadian national television and radio, and shared the stage with The Battlefield Band (Scotland), The Chieftains (Ireland), and Carlos Núñez (Spain). As a recording artist, Jocelyn has two self-produced albums, both nominated for multiple awards, including “World Artist of the Year” at the 2017 Western Canadian Music Awards, and at the 2016 Canadian Folk Music Awards. FolkWorld Magazine described Jocelyn as “A top-notch musician, and major emerging talent.”

Rav Sira on guitar, bodhran and vocals hails from Norway. He is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist who has performed in Scandinavia, Europe and South America, including Festival Brocante in Italy, and Sentrum Scene in Norway. He has pursued World Music studies at Codarts University for the Arts in Holland, and spent a year studying Latin American music in Salvador, Brazil.

Ellen Gira on cello and vocals is a seasoned performer who has appeared at special events and prominent venues throughout the USA and the UK, including The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, DC, and Cadogan Hall in London, England. She is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Scottish Music at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, and earned her Bachelor’s degree in Cello Performance from the Cleveland Institute of Music (Cleveland, Ohio, USA).

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