Northern Streams 2023

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Artists – 2023

Artists featured are:

Fromseier & Hockings


This Scandinavian folk duo Fromseier & Hockings come from the tiny village Øksendrup in Denmark where they also run a small organic orchard and cidery.

Their stunning tunes and song are inspired by their surroundings and the people in them. Voices and instruments intertwine, groove and move!

Ditte Fromseier and Sigurd Hockings met in the Copenhagen folk-session scene in the beginning of this century while they were still both students. They were immediately attracted by each others powerful musical nerve and energy.

Soon after they started their first band and have since then played together in numerous constellations. In 2010 they were invited to play at the North Atlantic Fiddle Convention in Scotland as a duo and Fromseier & Hockings was a reality. They realised that the duo format was an outstanding way to challenge themselves and to create new original music.

Since then they have toured worldwide and have developed an extremely rare natural intimacy in their music.  Fromseier & Hockings explore every aspect of the duo format and with their performances they invite the audience into their musical world with great sensitivity and warmth.i

They have received numerous awards. Among them a Danish Music Award 2015 and the prestigious ” Live Act of the Year 2015” from the Musicians Union.

The Låtmores

Latmores Image

Paul Sinclair (fiddle) and Janeta Österberg (accordion) – a Scottish/Finnish duo with a mix of traditional and modern folk tunes including ones they expect people to dance to

They feature ‘Finlandssvensk Musik’ subculture of Finnish folk music in their repertoire as both Janeta and Paul are part of that community.

“The Låtmores are a new Scottish/Finnish duo consisting of Paul Sinclair (fiddle) and Janeta Österberg (accordion). Their main style features a mix of traditional and modern folk tunes from Scotland and Scandinavia alongside their own original compositions, but they also experiment with folk music from all around Europe and the world: if it’s a good tune, they’ll play it! As such, expect to hear everything from haunting melodies decorated with gorgeous harmonies to pumping reels bursting with energy, and everything in between. This duo are a great example of what can be produced when different cultures mix together and share ideas and music, creating something not to be missed.”


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